This Rare Moment – by #MattPappasLaw

11 Aug

There is the rare moment when the will of many overrides and changes animus that has restrained the rights of those without the power to defend that which discerns them from others. For the disabled, wrongfully convicted, imprisoned and killed, that time is now. #MattPappasLaw

Matthew Pappas, Attorney on Medical Cannabis, Disability Advocacy and Compassion

11 Aug Albion-Moonlight-14

“It’s unacceptable in a civilized society that disabled Veterans, cancer patients, persons 
with AIDS, children with epilepsy, M.S., Parkinson’s, etc, have the most effective treatment for their conditions denied them by unjust law practices and that they be treated as subhuman, or criminal, and given the harshest most egregious physical brutality when it comes to the compassionate businesses that dispense medical salvation via every form of cannabinoid remedy.”  #MattPappasLaw    


Needs Outgrown by Free Choice, by #BDF

3 Jul

There comes a point in some relationships, past struggles, insecurities, fighting the reflections we see in each other to finding the openness to feel safe saying, “y’know, you are right about that, and I’m glad you had the courage to tell me and raise my consciousness”, and the two of them right there leap out lightyears past the mere NEED of one another that hides honesty behind fearful masks, and turns into a union by conscious loving CHOICE. The needy part gets outgrown and new freedom within chooses the other person, rather than need. ‪#‎BDF‬

The Only Fight, by #BDF

30 Jun

There’s only one fight worth fighting and it’s the fight for love… and you don’t fight your lover, you fight whatever it is inside you that through fearful lack of attunement, misperceptions and avoidance gains a larger stake on love’s ground than your humble appreciation, kindness and desire for continued growth and change as a team all for each other. ‪#‎BDF‬

I Wanted YOU, by #BDF

30 Jun

I wanted you, you were “the one”, if any I could have

I wanted to live, live in your sun, and right that I should have

I wanted to love, love without pause, best that I would have

I wanted peace, peace for our cause, like all of the good have

Now all want is that you’ll look at me

With some of the magic that you used to see

Like back in the days when I was a knight, And you were my Princess, and love was our light

Before what I wanted brought fear I’d be haunted, And begging the now for the last…

I want what could never be lost, and never be past… #BDF

©2015 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

To Our Highest Humanness, by #BDF

30 Jun

i have her only in dreams. i taste her as much as she speaks to me softly.
her voice brings me to melt like candy, and let the peelings fall away from
the hardened heart i hide with fool pride. she is in my thoughts, without thinking.
she is in my heart, without trying, she is in my breath, even as i do not breathe.
when i envision her heavenly form, all at once, outside, all about, and within me,
and i exhale what seems the wind of HER soul…i know… that IT is SHE…
that gives me any happiness, and to the utmost – sustains my very life.

I will not throw away the power of these passions, Lord help me I will turn their forces to guide us upon a balance and temperance that will not let them wear us down to fears again, but draw us out to our Godliness and highest humanness… #BDF

©2015 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

Under the Ruin, by #BDF

30 Jun

under the ruin of this age, the fearful hesitant hope, you found me… the will to live, the pleasure of being known, the being starved for light, i, found you, we sat like books with earmarked pages, indicating the bright spots where the changing events took place, the watershed, the points at which nothing would ever be the same in our story, where all that had passed could no longer bear on what was to come, you earmarked my consciousness, my growth, my ability to really live and love, to do that which i was born to do, it was with you that i could change the course of what my life had been, here where your song would ring out, your spirit would no longer fear the eyes, your goddess self bigger and stronger and brighter that she would flow like the river the world would need to drink…

we struggled, we fought, we continued to love and grow, our fight was not with each other, not with love, not with growth, but a new fight…a fight against that which would tear us apart, fear, but together, could we have beaten that? #BDF

©2015 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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