How it killed you

5 Dec

my stare into the dark at night is all that tells the truth
but I keep that tucked away like the bitter taste of tired youth
all my heavy feelings never tell me where to go
but further under, fast, before they start to show

and you say what you want to about me
there are so many other sharks out in the sea
I know that’s the way things had to be
But I know how it killed you to set me free

I’ll run away to Vegas, that’ s where dreams come true
I’ll gamble down the strip at night and buy myself balloons
sleep the night in a single bed, as sweat runs down the wall
eyes drip slowly like a faucet, praying I wont wake at all

you may see me wander, you may see me laugh
you may see inside of me the other frightened half
you may say you know me, but you can’t say you know me well
I’ve only kept my secrets cause you were no one I could tell

out: alone at night you cry you’re right nothing holds you anymore
you made it clear goodbye my dear, don’t bother me no more

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