The Devil Came To Visit

5 Dec

The cabin roof was rattling, the whole room shook and flexed
Inside I sat a’ prattling, hoping that I wasn’t hexed
And then there came a knocking that shook the cabin door
And the building started rocking worse than ever it had before

It’s as if the wind were whipping all the way from hell below
And my fear was spirit gripping and I heard him call ‘hello’
‘It’s me, Satan, I’m freezing, could you please let me in?’
I heard him coughing and then wheezing, for the air was very thin

The door came open creaking, for I pulled it very slowly
From behind it I was peaking and I saw there nothing holy
The dark lord stood tall, shivering and then rushed into the room
By the fire he sat quivering, underneath a cloud of gloom

It was for tea that he kept asking, the fire heat was not enough
But in it’s warmth he sat a’ basking, looking neither rough nor tough
I had many questions brewing and me head it could have burst
But quietly I sat there stewing, my mind dying of it’s thirst

Then suddenly I was blurting and blabbering like a child
It seemed his ears were hurting, then he looked at me and smiled
Like a man began he, speaking, answering my little thought
But like someone who was sneaking up to frighten a tiny tot

For as he finished I was gloating and he suddenly changed form
And above me he was floating and the room grew very warm
His laughter it was thundering like apocalypse had come
It set me off to wondering what could be so humorsome

I yelled above his cackling that this wasn’t too polite
While the fire was a’ crackling and grew blindingly bright
I knew that I was clutching at he last straws that I had
But I guess that it was touching, for it seemed to make him glad

For graciously his bidding, he said, that night, had been done
And that he had just been kidding, simply trying to have some fun
‘It’s hard to go confronting dark lord Satan at your door
it’s like passing, ‘stead of punting, when it’s third and fourty four

I have done my shy commending, now I’ll leave you, none too soon
Take not for granted this sweet ending, it’s one of few, a boone’
Then he turned and slyly winking, disappearing in the sky
And he left me gladly thinking, Satan’s not such a bad g

Copyright 1992-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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