I Ask My Friend (For BB & JDM)

8 Dec

From the start the good times were plenty
From the start it was cool and we were kings
Near the end it was the same as any ending
Takes a while to talk about these things

An ace and a joker and a jack of hearts
Changing roles, switching parts, it began a masquerade of inner strength
I learned a lot that can’t be bought about this carousel
But did we set a limit and a length

Is the journey done
Has any body won
Are will and self control the only worthy toll
When waiting for the fall
Do we wait to see it all
Why does it have to end
I ask my long lost friends

In the middle comes a riddle in the story
On either side a customary hand
Turn to see the answer, get the glory
Turn again to find alone you stand

It’s sad but true the ending’s never pretty
Especially when carried on and on
But punctuation leaves me pretty empty
I anticipate the morning’s dawn

It was rules and regulations against saviors and salvations,
boys who wanted more from life than spit
Got tied up in tomorrow, laughter, booze and sorrow
But the happiness was just in getting it

Are there dreams enough for all of us to fit
Well another island wouldn’t hurt a bit
Alone inside my weary dreams to sit

©1986-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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