The Jays (For BB)

8 Dec

Jojo’s got himself and dreams a plenty that’s for sure
A friend or two or none is fine with him
Follow the leader in Limboland its no big deal to him
He’s just waiting for the good times to begin

Junior’s got a lot of friends and dreams a plenty that’s for sure
But Jojo seems a better friend than he
Jojo tells you he needs no one and of this fact he’s sure
Unless they went and took him seriously

And they walk on what it is that turns the present to the past
Isn’t that the finer of fine lines, you know it is
Neither one would ask for your opinion about if this seems straight or cool
Meanwhile they’re grooving on the wine

I thought one time a friend of mine was going to come around to play
Rowdy fun good times and nothing more
But a t five o’clock I was on the dock, just waiting for the guy
So I would go it alone, cause we were supposed to meet at four

Me and him we’re still hanging out, yeah, we’re running on the times
We’re dreamy eyed as ever maybe more
Follow the leader in Limboland, whoever that may be
And one will wait ‘til five instead of four

The day the Js would speak to each other about who’s going to cry at a movie like this
Is the day that each one would rather just sleep through
Maybe they won’t still be friends when they’re aged and growing old
But I don’t think good times will end for these two

©1985-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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