Remember You, All

31 Dec

The night is a tragic affair
The man in the moon doesn’t care
The stars are a holy black sheet, from a shotgun blast
Got no appoinments to keep
Just looking for caverns to leap
And I dance between all that’s to come and everything past

So let’s have a round to the fall

The imminent crash of the ball

An angel just gave the last call

And I know that tomorrow

I’m gonna remember you all

My life is a mirror of time
My journey a hill that I climb
I see my reflection in all this illusion allows
My steps are the last lonely act
Of a man who has broken a pact
With the power that made him, and don’t want to hear his new vows

I hear the toll of the bell
I’ve got quite a story to tell
But the clock’s unforgiving, and I’ll just go on like a breeze
I’ll see you in waves on the shore
I’ll see you in lines on the floor
I’ll see you each time that I pray on my knees

©2005-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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