A Soldier’s Prayer

31 Dec

You must understand, I was dealt quite a hand,
But I didn’t see my aces staring me down
The curse I created was a ticket I traded
On the last train out of my crumbling town

And I’m on a mission for the human conditiion,
I carry my heart and my name,
I walk through defeat to the drum that I beat,
And summon up spirits that I want to meet
And if I forget you, please don’t forget about me when I’m gone,
‘Cause you know me, you know I’ll always go on,
You know me, you know that I have to go on

you must recognize my black pathway tells lies,
that it’s in me, and it’s all of the life that i own,
my riches i squandered, like sisyphus pondered,
to keep rolling stones up a hill, all alone

you must comprehend that this dream I’ll defend
to the end, is much of what drives me to live
when push comes to shove, it’s only the love of my woman,
my angel, that shows me to give

©2004-2010 Brent David Fraser, all rights reserved

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