The Man Who Sold The War (Ode, To “W.”)

31 Dec

Count out the fears that have you
Bargain away your right to speak
The bully’s in your basement now
How popular this game of fright, we’ve seen it all before

Take up your cudgel for him?
If reason speaks? Ignore him
We must procure our safety now
For sale, and fail, the freedom that you say you adore

The man who sold the war kicks you around, just like a sandbox tough
The man who sold the war just lets you drown, when he knows he’s sold enough
And we can rebuild his wreckage for the price that his goons want to name
For the man who sold the war, he owns the whole damned game

What fearful pawns among us
What selfish leaders have we paid
Why don’t I feel we know the truth?
Why do I and you and all of us just hold our tongues?

A smooth dictator soothes you
A slick trick made to lose you
And right before your eyes you’ve lost
And no one now remembers the time that was

©copyright 2004-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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