Because You’re Young

21 Jan

I sat to drink with her, when we weren’t even twenty one
With all our friends around and laughing hell they’re having fun
My reputations on the line she said so get away
‘Cause if you start to yell and fall around I cannot stay

and as she looked above, to see a lantern flutter in the smoke
the bar was packed with sweaty people, giving us a push and poke
and now my chance had come to tell her how I really felt
I jumped upon the bar and more than told, I simple yelled

You’re young and you can scream and carry on and on because you’re young
It doesn’t matter what you do just have some fun because you’re young
Do anything you want to do, whatever you think you want to
See everything because you’re young, see everything
Just have some fun because you’re young, just have some fun

I tried to tell her then that while I was alive I’d live
Because you never know for sure the day you’re ending with
Maybe tomorrow death would come a knocking on my door
I’d take his cake and eat it all and I would ask for more

And as she turned her head my heart it truly sank away
She wouldn’t listen it was sad and nothing I could say
Would make her see that my philosophy could bring a smile
And life may seem okay or even great, if for a little while

So anytime I meet a stranger who’s so serious
I tell them even if you’re fifty be delirious
Be drunk with wine or song, or whipping wind or dripping dew
Or anything that brings you joy, follow your bliss where it takes you

I’ll see you when you find a shelter in a dreary bar
I’ll see you on the freeway, pass me by in a speeding car
I’ll see you wherever a good time can be had, a ball
‘Cause life is short and I’m still young, I’ve got to see it all

© 1992-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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