Can’t Wait To See You

21 Jan

Here in the ever-after, we can wait for no one
and the slower may be quicker than you think
Here where the brightening day’s quite a sight to see
And the wine here is a wonderful wine to drink

And all the stars are hung for heroes
But everyone’s a hero in the end
And all the clouds just pass us by, they don’t darken up the sky
a broken spirits easy to mend

we’re glad to see you, where you been?
if you come a knocking well let you in
can’t wait to see you…
can’t wait to see you smile again

the days just pass like seconds or years, depending on the day,
and your attitude
they can go quite quickly, because they’re terrifically fun
if you want them to be, its up to you

but let’s not labor on that point now
it goes without saying and its been said
but we’ve got idle tine for talk, we’ve got a million miles to walk
and none of the avenues ever end

© 1991-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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