Farther Away

21 Jan

ladies come and go, sad sometimes, and even so
I know they’ve always got a reason
as I watch ’em walk, stepping to a ticking clock
I see a lonely sense of romance about self treason

with fear for every corner turning
’round the bend and run away
getting closer and closer, I keep pushing love
farther away,

I’ve been trying to move along, eventually they’ll all be gone
I may be lonely when the evening ends
my trust has been abused, I’ve had my love misused
tell me, god, who are these demons that I call my friends

its a nearly moonless night, I’ve only got my heart to fight
i’ve only got my conscience to listen to
I’m past the point of no return, another lesson in love to learn
the one that’s all about betraying you

my hearts my safest home, so far as i’ve always known
a perfect picture’s all I’m hoping for
if I try to trust again, will I be happy then
the effort I can make is always poor

© 2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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