Fresh Air

21 Jan

I remember thinking that this stinking town would be the death of me,
isn’t that an old cliche, the cynics say
I wish I was joking, I’ve been choking, metaphorically,
I know so many ways to while away the day

my mind pollution’s left me bare, but i’ll keep fighting, i don’t care,
i’ll drink in your light, you’re everywhere, to me,
you’re a breath of fresh air, fresh air,
I bet I know you and you’re my breath of fresh air

out from under rubble, feeling double the man I was yesterday,
let’s run to the hills and see how naked we can be
I will play today again the way a boy does naturally,
and you can join me if you like the world I see

bridge: and all we have is time, to find the meaning,
the sublime, and I can’t promise you that I’d lasso the moon,
but I will promise you I’d try, I promise I would try…

© 2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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