Gonna Be Okay

21 Jan

I’m bored with all of this depression
my face wears the same expression
radio playing the same old station

and it makes me laugh to see the frightened faces
scared of all the same old places
looking for hints and helpful traces
and above the love of freedom fights
the hate of fearful nights

I picked a pretty place to lay in
I wait and listen to what God’s saying
He’s talking ‘bout leaving talking bout staying

I won’t cry now to see the face of sunlight
the face of horror’s nothing to fight
I’ll sleep as well as always tonight
far beneath the teeth of demons bite
the same as every night

its just the face of fear that’s funny
makes me laugh as hard as money
a laughter soft and sweet as honey

I’ll be here same as every sunny day break
swimming through what to leave and to take
walking through every thing that’s at stake
and around the sound of singing rings
above these hateful things

Today’s the same yes I’m burned by the flame that’s alive inside of me
Maybe tomorrow these tears that I borrow will find their way back to the sea
It just burns hotter and hurts for longer and longer until I can say
The pain is illusion a blessed intrusion, i’m riding it out today…
and i’m gonna be okay…

© 1991-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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