Mind Running Wild

21 Jan

I stepped out of the doorway, big crowd just saw the show
I know there’s something missing, so much more I need to know
I’m not too calm about the high of heaven’s haven
I need some help with all the heat and all the dreadful horrors we put in hell
The impurities inside of me are part-time inabilities
At this time they’re inadequate, they don’t serve me very well

See I get these thoughts inside my head
And I can’t take them to bed
I get my mind running wild
But it’s just my mind running wild

Life or death is the question, and virtues die for custom
Must I adopt a new way, they say I have to, can I trust them
The widow marries, she hardly cried, when her husband recently died
The boy loves his father can’t she see, to be or not to be comes easily
And this clown of shreds and patches is a disgrace, to the honor of the manor
And the man the god’s did love, and they blessed his face

You have to scold me when I’m unwilling to give in
The more I fight, the more I die, the confusion I have cultured tells me I’ll win

© 1987-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

One Response to “Mind Running Wild”

  1. daygirl82 January 21, 2006 at 7:56 am #

    Wow, I love the poetry…. it runs very well… I suppose that I take a different way of expressing myself than you do but I also believe that we might ask some of the same questions….. I look forward to reading more from you…

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