Validation Jones

21 Jan

I’ve only got what I had from the start
The words I learn and love and my guitar
I have a woman that lets me feel so free
And friends that come and go conveniently
For them and me

I have the memories I’ve picked from the past
Resentments that I never knew would last
Guilty feelings about a hundred score
An inventory’s sure to count some more
It’s such a bore

That I still think that I should have gone around
Calling myself Taylor or Brown
Nursing jealousies for the things another name owns
Calling myself Waits or a son of one of the Rolling Stones
I’ve got a validation Jones
I’ve got a validation Jones
Man its deep down in my bones
I’ve got a validation Jones

I guess its my sad lot to bitch and moan
And be afraid that I’ll be left alone
Hey man to think that I could have come this far
And have nothing to show you but the scars
Of fruitless wars

Cause if men have to lay some money down
It won’t go on a sad pathetic clown
A clown will never be easy enough to sell
Even though I know I’ve learned my clowning well

© 1996-2010 brent david fraser. all rights reserved

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