About Me

24 Jan

Flaunting all your purpose
Your hands held high above the lovers of your life
The ones to whom you give your precious time

Anger, no direction, your face tells every story
That you’ve witnessed or experienced
And written into rhyme

Younger on the inside, your heart you hide
From everyone for fear that
They will crush it in their embrace

Quick to cover that side that shows someone
You are worth a damn
Cause you might have to wear it on your face

Pleased by quick attention and those willing to give it
So you can kick it, stumbling
From the cell you live in on your mountain top

Offering no answers,
nobody needs your answers anyway
and someday, your gross assumptions have to stop

paranoid and so unsure
jealousy in you is pure frustration with yourself
you walk a high wire, you may drop

© 1986-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Meio October 9, 2006 at 5:52 am #

    lost in mixed words and manipulations. a wickedly intense portrayal of the human condition. which disassembles one window dressing, and then yet another. as eloquent and magnificent as these words are now and can ever become. perceived joy from all the watchers and wanderers, which steadily knocks on the door, now who’s on the run. and yet still, there are no answers.

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