Essential To Your Fight

24 Jan

guitars sing, they seldom ring in a trapped or indifferent voice
their melody will linger close and linger there by choice
their picture’s painted pleasurably and unconfined by form
sing so untainted, measurably; the calm before a storm

you’ve memories within your heart, deep from there they call
but so unreal and real so much you quest if they exist at all
to them you answer for the chance you’re going to see the way
but these tones unbroken when they’re spoken answer none today

they seem to finish but not diminish in rising or descent
they seem to reason that sad self treason explains your tragic bent
to win within this natures din would bring you some surprise
to look to see and not to be could bring you soon demise

so seek to seek and at this peak its merely where you stand
from where you stand could only be one step to where you land
so landing and then stepping once again you carry on
this is the step that makes the rest the path to being gone

then when gone, a common bond you have with all things past
and all divine is intertwined from middle, first, to last
and all unseen has only been elusive to your sight
but without question, plain and simply, essential to your fight

© 1990-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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