Minutes Of The Day

24 Jan

For all you’ve seen you’ve never seen me at all,
But in the winds that wear the world away,
For all you’ve heard, you’ve never heard me call,
But in the cries of who survives this way.

Over oceans under skies of tears,
Out from under and above the pain.
Within the wonders of my thoughts and fears,
Deep below me I can see gentle rain.

And I’m all the way to the sky.
In the scheme of things I’m not far away.
I’ll be close to you when you die.
‘Cause I’m near as the minutes of the day.

The years have come and gone and come again,
They’ll go again and never ever leave.
And I’m no different than all other men,
I only know what I believe.

Through the memories of a million minds,
Without the worries of the day,
Resting upon the puzzle my heart finds
When looking for an easy way.

And I’m sitting here by your side,
And I speak with you every word you say.
The whole world is where I can hide,
‘Cause I’m near as the minutes of the day.

© 1990-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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