Ode, To Walt Whitman

24 Jan

Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman where do you roam
what far and endless land do you call home
what house of my soul do you dwell in tonight
the one that is dark or the one that is light

Walt Whitman, why do I still envy your fate
your fame recognition, though maybe were late
I dream like you did to be poet clear through
and can only imagine to be one like you

Walt Whitman, in dreams I see my human form
its blood and its guts ripped clean and still warm
from the fleshy young mass of where my soul resides
the dark cold poor house where my young soul hides

Walt Whitman, I know that you watch me from afar
so if I come to death let me know where you are
if I come to harm by one of gods blessed things
by one of his lords in the land of his kings

Walt Whitman, reach to me and pull me on through
enlighten my new soul with what awakens you
with what makes you elated in your land of joy
give all of this knowledge to me to employ

Walt Whitman, I’m earthly, but it wont be long
‘til you and I sing out our favorite song
‘til you and I get to what waits to be seen
‘til you and I both go to where we’ve never been

© 1993-2006 brent david fraser, (on my birthday) all rights reserved

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