Ode, To William Albert Burke

24 Jan

A young man stood as I passed there
And held a fist that we would wear
To symbolize young strength and might
And fearlessness of dark or light

A boy of will and self control
A boy afraid of growing old
Forgetful father figure still
That was the space that he would fill

I tagged along, a King within
Was pushed to let my life begin
And slowly, painfully did find
I nursed a vision in my mind

A blessed conflict tucked away
Would show itself one stormy day
And maybe we would have to part
So I could know my hardened heart

But blessed was this conflict still
It only lived in space we fill
And necessary, to this day
To help my heart find it’s own way

Two paths that intersect entwined
Only to one day just unwind
Forgetful boy, man, leader, fool
Has his own worlds of dreams to rule

So merrily and secretly
With solitude as company
My words, however beautifully,
Flow from my soul, to only me

But should I call upon my friend
His friendship seems without an end
A very good friend

© 1987-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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