A Burning Flame

4 Jan

time after time she comes around
to go without a word of good advice
and I think twice
day after day she goes away
to run about the world in prayer
she’s so lonely there

it doesn’t matter what the man said in her dreams
every idol ain’t always what it seems to be for you and me
the mystery’s the same as any game-
a burning flame

miss after matched, she’s so attached
to her conviction and her crime
she’s losing time
lost on the lack of all the facts
that she held once in her heart
right from the start

it doesn’t matter about the writing on the wall
every idol is sometime going to fall with all her hopeful calls
the poetry’s the same and who’s to blame-
a burning flame

life after death she holds her breath
and counts her blessings and her deeds
for what she needs
dark after light comes every night
and ticking time remains unmoved
and so it’s proved

it doesn’t matter in the on and on and on
every idol that she worshipped is now gone, thereon
her marathon for masses, her self same name-
a burning flame

© 1988-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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