Alone Tonight

4 Jan

I despise these hours of rain.

The fire burns like a dog who needs a bone.

I’ll go now to my cradle in my clothes

And sleep without a love in my poor home.

America the mother of my thoughts,

Tonight she sings a song inside my head.

Years from now tonight’s a dusty memory.

Tonight it’s all I take to bed.

My heart is dry.

My Christian fingers, tight

No cause to cry,

But I’m alone tonight.

My body’s tired

and so afraid of flight,

All too much for me to still put up

A fight and I’m alone, I am alone tonight.

And in my head there’s only rubble,

Misunderstanding those who look this way,

And lashing out at what for nothing holds me.

My sadness killed another sun today.

July 24, 1990 Copyright 1990-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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