Away From Yesterday

4 Jan

what are we all doing in this sad brown world

its all a bit gray, like the sky on a cloudy day

my friends that seems that’s all there is sometimes

a bit of the sadness, a bit of the better way

head strong and surefire boy, don’t hesitate too long

desire goes hand in hand with fate

and carries you away from yesterday

carrying on through the hard times just like a child in the rain,

the day out and day in, your playing with safety and sin

and there are times your mind is just careless misery, you dance with it dizzily

and its no stranger to me, no stranger to me

you say that you’ll shoot down your troubles

maybe tomorrow, maybe today

whether or not you do it doesn’t matter

tomorrow, she’s coming anyway

there is a lesson in every tear and every try,

every sunrise, and every star in the sky

if you see it, it could get better, it could go bad

be sure to let go, that’s all I know that’s all I know

May 20, 1989 Copyright 1989-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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