Bring It Together

4 Jan

living and breathing the radio station, ‘living my life on the FM dial’

trying to get out my frustration was the only thing that made me smile

until I heard those words

and if you can believe it, I must have flown about a thousand miles away from here

I saw the face of god was looking down and every direction was all so clear

and still I hear those words, they went:

tear it, break it, be it, shake it, share it, make it go on forever

breathe it, bite it, steal it, fight it, giving it might just bring it together

Jesus knows I chase him everywhere, brother I can tell you why

‘cause mother Mary watches over me, telling him when I cross the sky

screaming those words as I go

and my time on the earth is slow and shaky, boy, I can’t wait until I go home

hanging around writing stories and words that rhyme is making it worth it until I go

it’s true I wrote those words that go:

if I’m too arrogant and confident,

it’s sure to pass away from me as easy as it came to be

hand of god, bring it together

now I’m touched and some say crazy but I know the truth is inside of me

if I know Christ I may be crazy but I’ll be happy with all I see

and now I hear those words again

tempting me to destroy everything, build a new world with a worthy hand

wash it all with holy water covering all of this infinite land

leaving only the words that go: (chorus)

April 7, 1992 Copyright 1992-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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