Churchill Road

4 Jan

When I was knee-high to a puppy dog,

I’d walk a mile down Churchill road,

Wind whistling’ would blow me along,

Looking down on all the land below,

Down to the hardware to buy me a bowie knife,

Like a renegade running through the woods all day,

Woods are gone now; it’s only houses,

Kids there now they got no place to play

Town of Ferndale, just south of BC

When Elvis died, I was standing on Churchill road

School was out when the snow was heavy

I learned to swear when I was standing on Churchill road

Standing on Churchill road

I rode that horse on old Mr. Murphy’s farmland,

Fell off and rolled into an electric fence,

Ain’t no use now for electric fences,

It’s just a bunch of landlords collecting rents,

There was an old man played the Scottish bagpipes

Every Sunday up and down Churchill road,

Sunday’s quiet now, except for the traffic,

Old man died about ten years ago

Was exactly one mile from the church up at Vista,

Down to the bottom down to Mountain View,

Just some roads out in a tiny farm-town

But that’s a mile to me, tell me, what’s a mile to you?

Well to some men I guess a mile means money,

To others, I guess it just means an evening walk,

I’m not the first to sing a song of protest,

But if I’m singing loud enough, don’t got to listen to the money men talk

November 12, 1990 Copyright 1990-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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