Heaven And Avarice

4 Jan

leave me to wander I’m making my way
it’s just taking a little time
I’m watching the world keep on turning
and wondering when it will turn into mine
cause I’m not done with my crying or my fun
and I’m still flawed, mortally, not in the eyes of my god

closer yet I approach him, who knows, but I am enjoying this
I run between visions of
heaven and avarice

I wont leave here in sorrow or leave with regrets
or with anything weighing me down
on the day I repent I will be heaven sent if my greed isn’t hanging around
now please understand I don’t want golden rings on my hand
but I must clear my mind of the treasures
I think I will find in my god

they say whom the gods love will die young
but I cant say how they feel about me for sure
if my time hasn’t come and I’ve gone where I’m from
I’ll be happy and joyful and pure
because my fate it is sealed by a hand that is great
the reasons why I will see through my birth when I die

I’m no leader or saint and I know that I ain’t
though I’ve led and I’ve sainted a few
my last call philosophy’s wearing too thin
to give any more of it to you
I’ll be off, in the wind see what trouble I get my self in
if you want to come play, we’ll play ’til the coming of day

closer yet we’ll approach him, who knows, but we are enjoying this, we are enjoying this
we are enjoying this, and we’ll run between visions of heaven and avarice…
is all my confusion a heaven or hell, have I got a pocket of nonsense to sell
pieces of puzzles wont make it a pie, oh lordy, lordy the kitchen is dry
we got to get out babe, on oceans of love, swim like a dolphin and soar like a dove
how can I get away from the want, she is the shadow I fearfully flaunt

© 1992-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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