If Lennon Were Not Dead

4 Jan

Where do I find all the time to bitch and moan and whine

I’m clearly not the man I used to be

I’ve made a bed of nails and dream in tragic tales

And smash the gifts my Father’s given me

When I come up for air, I say that I don’t care

If I go so far down I don’t return

But the proof is in the songs, where I lament my wrongs

And offer my confessions as they burn

I remember all the Hippies on a careless spree

Proclamations for the life that made them free

if Lennon were not dead, he’d probably ‘let it be’

No emotion, sad devotion to this wounded soul’s cold song

Malady’s of spirit hear it bragging that I’m doing wrong

Desolate as one can get and still I bathe in this abyss

Character they say, for sure, comes with a heroes fearless kiss

Copyright 2000-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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