4 Jan

my motorcycle does a hundred and fifty
all of my outfits look so neat and so nifty
every time I turn around I’m helping a stranger
I never put myself into mortal danger
I can jump over houses, fly like an eagle
‘show you my wings someday they’re royal and regal
my imagination keeps me so busy
I could go on but you might start to get dizzy

I will always wait for one more dream
to come take me away, there’s nothing wrong with me
I’m okay, maybe lost but having fun you see
it’s as innocent as anything can be
dreaming the day away,
innocent as anything can be

I won the Nobel prize but that was illusion
I had it all but all of it was confusion
took a trip took a trip and then I woke up from dreaming
I heard the silence and I found I was screaming
I won the lottery but none’s in my pocket
I got a picture of it tucked in a locket
my poor mind has such an imagination
still it’s a mystery, this dark desolation

I’ll never die because I’ll never believe it
make sure that if I leave it I can retrieve it
if I want to stay and find the man don’t want to let me
I’ll go to sleep and dream that he will forget me

© 1995-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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