Junky For The Pain

4 Jan

Zara loves her cigarettes
a hooker, not a slut, who bets her earnings on
how many rebounds Den is going to make
her casual acquaintances
don’t ever make complaints, she says, it’s always worth
the worry walking on the boulevard

Orris is her only one, he loves his drugs, but they have fun
you know he hits her every day and she’s a junky for the pain
no bed of roses I suppose, it’s quite a habit and she knows
it’s probably going to stay that way
and she’s a junky for the pain

Eppa is a superstar
in some reality so far away from
you and me, I’d have to say it’s got it’s charm
picking up the trash left
after smashing up the bash he had,
in honor of his birthday, it’s a shame nobody came

Jackeen loves him, but, it’s true a guy can only give to you
as much as he can give away and he’s a junky for the pain
says he wants to be alone, she changed the locks, unhooked the phone
he always knew she’s run away
’cause he’s a junky for the pain

bridge: am I a cynic or an ass,
and do I fail or do I pass,
and do I care, or give a shit for your opinions,
or the prison like dominions
you recycle in your head
until you’re dead???

no, I reject the points of view that keep me from where I’m heading to
you know it happens every day and I’m a junky for the pain
I hate my mom, I hate my dad, hate everything that’ll
make me glad, I cant go on too long this way,
but, I’m a junky for the pain

©1996-2006 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

One Response to “Junky For The Pain”

  1. xprofiler February 24, 2006 at 11:21 am #

    Nice songs….regards

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