Nothing I Can Keep

4 Jan

a bottle of wine ago

the way I grabbed my heart so tight

just like a child and still a man on a path down to Terrytown

to meet my maker tonight

I’ll go now to the sleeping man that stares me down

he talks to me in this sleep

I’ll go down where the wise old woman finally rests

this worlds got nothing I can keep

I’ve known him as a god

under the creeping of the moon

old woman sits by the statue of Baudelaire’s sad memory

she’s calling me away too soon

a melody in my mind

hypnotized my helpless heart

a vision of my mother haunts me to release my soul

she’s always told me where to start

an empty loving cup remains

I’ve flown so high above the eye

still I’m tied to everything that finds its breathing here

and now I’m addicted to the sky

February 25, 1991 Copyright 1991-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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