Peace Be On Your Ashes

4 Jan

will I speak to you tomorrow? we just keep screaming

the same old lines as before

you wont listen to what I’m saying, you want to

make sure your death is no surprise to you anymore,

I know you mean it when you say it that you really

want to end it, its plainly not as simple as you say

I’m trying not to get too distant, but your story’s to inconsistent,

and you deny it and you lie to me everyday

painting pictures and pretending, dreaming of a world

that can never ever be making it fit your story ending,

peace be on your ashes cast to sea,

hope you find your secret,

peace be on your ashes cast to sea

is it so much better where you’re going

you can tie your shoes is nearly all you know and now the reaper is going

to be your only friend, I guess your dust will grace this earth now,

maybe you’ll have a rebirth now, but you’ll never keep the things you find there in the end

you know that I will always miss you, you know

that I wont forget to pray, everyday and when I look up into the heavens

I’ll say, “St. Anthony, I’ve got a miracle for you to do today,

could you make sure she isn’t crying, could you hang her picture up on Orion,

I know that I would recognize her very well, because I know what her spirit looks like

and I got feeling on a good night she’s the brightest star protecting me from hell

April 24, 1991 Copyright 1991-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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