4 Jan

when the lies became unraveled, I began to bleed

the truth re-opened every wound and cut down to it’s seed

and in it’s bright depiction, reflected in your eyes

the loneliness of fiction and the freedom that it buys

in the oddness of the evening, in a birth of flight

hurried by the palest moon and huddled with the night

like any bird born to it, high as heaven’s height

all around I saw myself releasing every fight

so now you can’t hold on to me

and if I come undone it’s meant to be

a mad hatter’s always there inviting me to tea

and I’ve got Cheshire grins a’plenty

and reflections all I see


I have nurtured my illusions and acted so naive

practiced long forgetting that I’ve seen what’s up your sleeve

I’ve stuck to rules that poison, like all good children do

abiding in the silence and I did it all for you

February 11, 1997 Copyright 1997-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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