That Last And Final Show

4 Jan

It’s warm enough to walk without my gloves on

but I wear my childhood so close to my skin

and the very heart I hang up all my loves on

is the one that wont let anybody in

there’s a light that has my shadow leading me Westward

while I’m acting out the dance for one last time

like a puppet show with a sadly smiling jester

with the blessing of a last long road to climb

it’s that last and final show

and all that you believe in is all you really know

it’s that last and final show

and you never believe they’re leaving, ‘til you see them go

when its done the curtain falls like rainy weather

and washes off’ the edges of the stage

and my words are all I have left and that’s forever

but the muse wont help me piece another page

the night’s getting colder, and the world’s growing older

my heart is aching for some rest

I’m trying to stand still here, but my body won’t obey dear

I feel my soul weakly leaping from my chest

lord see to it that I’m blessed if this kills me

and I’m surrounded by the closings and conclusions

and you’re out there and free to run tonight

for a battle that don’t have no resolution

where did we come up with so much time to fight

June 2, 1990 Copyright 1990-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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