The Ballad Of Luttrell And The Great Ship, ‘Liberty’

4 Jan

a lousy bunch of drunken sailors, shamefully discharged,

for mutiny unforgivably deranged,

but Luttrell will welcome any beaten loser to his barge,

even pirates, lost to liquor, that they say will never change,

and as one after the other swims for bottom without care,

how faithfully he goes to follow them down,

and when they hit the bottom & they can hardly fight for air

ol’ Luttrell and liberty will get ‘em just before they drown,

I’ve heard Luttrell can make a miracle of any hopeless crew

and asks for nothing but your willingness today,

he says “if my ship doesn’t kill you, it’ll make men out of you”,

so climb aboard the liberty,

we’ll sail away…and we’ll be free…

he lets ‘em know “there’s no where else to go and nothing left to take

and there ‘ain’t another vessel due to come,

so let’s batten down the hatches and throw the past into our wake,

the journey’s just beginning, no matter where you started from”

he warns ‘em they’ll have battles,  ‘cause the world might just be mean,

“but you are your brother’s keeper, all around

and if we fight together, we will win and win it clean,

if you don’t pull your brother up, the whole ship will go down”


so battle after battle how they fight and how some die,

in the cunning, baffling struggles with the mind,

they triumph owning up to how they’ve cheated, robbed and lied

and give up to god whatever else they find,

there are never finer crews discharged than from the liberty,

with honor and the pride of time done well

and them that jump ship hardly ever make it on that sea,

so pray for them, that they will find their way back to Luttrell,

April 16, 1998 Copyright 1998-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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