Eat The Roses

10 Jan

I have been down a few times

And I’ll go down some more

Drinking wine on Sundays

Wake up two thirty Monday

I’m on the floor

Brown paper bag, cheap luggage

Woolworth’s gave me cheap shoes

Cant afford me even a chocolate kiss

Can’t trade a pair for an ace in the hole

Or my vagabond blues

Sometimes I eat the roses

I got all day to live

One night to die

Next day to sleep

Ain’t going to make me cry

I’m on the top

We’re on the floor

Sometimes I eat the roses

Just so I can move my body some more

Got my own little dirt road

In the middle of this big town

My own little way to walk to get somewhere

Can’t complain about walking a road

So many great ones have gone down

Maybe I’ll get a loan from the bank

Maybe buy me a house

Maybe I’ll wake up from the dream again

Maybe someday if I can’t go it alone

Some one will keep me warm when I’m froze to the bone

June 25, 1986 Copyright 1986-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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