Whisky Song

10 Jan

stopped by the old joint, two minutes past

the last day I would smell that smoky air

Turkey Joe and Old Dog Bones were sipping on the last

of all the whiskey those old dudes could bear

I pull up a piece of the bar, grab a glass, talking about life

I stumble out the door, come the after hours

boy it ain’t easy trying not to be so sleazy

and this life may not be the best life, but it’s ours

whisky’s a thing that a man can’t quit

whisky’s a way to ease on the night

whisky’s giving me a craving fit

whisky’s a thing that this man can’t fight

I try to play a pool game, but I can never see the balls

while discovering that my boots could use new soles

Turkey Joe protects me from the drunks who want to brawl

and I remember that my boots are getting old

I’m quitting tomorrow, man I’m through for sure

I’ve got to give up whisky and that is that

and I could fight that good fight and try to be pure

but tomorrow old bones he knows I’ll be back

July 19, 1986 Copyright 1986-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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