God In All

27 Jan

i grow a forest as i blush away your eyes

to shield the inhibitions i hope to disguise

i’m like a sailor set upon a stormy sea

i know i’m coming into what i hope to be

you know i’ll see all your fears and all your beauty, drink your tears

this path is ever my invention and my truth

and if you don’t believe it, will you grant me that i see it

i’ve been looking for you since my laughter loving youth

your song is long and tender under golden skin

but do you love the righteous dream we’re in

and is your god my loving kin

i opened for a moment to your smiling light

and let you see my terror, pain and angry fight

i’ll win you with my touch and promise you the moon

ever beside me through the wealth and through the doom

©2010 brent david fraser, all right reserved

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