I Knew You A Long Time Ago

13 Feb

I was only walking by, looked at you I don’t know why,
you could have been any other girl
but mythical golden hair’s in every story written where
the boy is growing older in his world

there’s always one you want to make a stand, think that if you have her hand
you can tell your mother where to go
you were just the same as any dream, they never are what they would seem
tell those other ghosts I said hello

cause its a long, long way from me to you
and I think that you’re just a bit confused
I knew you a long time ago
not so hard to see, you’re the same as you always were
you’ve got a better disguise, but I see you. I’m sure
I knew you a long time ago

met you on a rainy night, smoking grass and drinking right
a better friend than I had ever had
no way that I could have known, from everything that I’d been shown
that you would ever turn to be so bad

you had a bit of jealousy, you had to take something from me
you thought I’d always be your second hand
but now we know that isn’t true, so if you don’t know what to do
those other ghosts will help you understand

all you old ghosts tried to bleed me, but your betrayal finally freed me
and I’m feeling even stronger than before
you see I’m getting my momentum, these troubles go to where I send ‘em
no more to come a knocking on my door

saw you as you hung around, you kicked me too when I was down
you never offered shelter from the storm
so I’ve been walking in the rain, I wont be fooled by you again
a devil shows himself in many forms

now I’m not so lonely wandering, now I’m not so busy squandering
much of my self pity all in vain
I’m calm and confident you see, my power has come back to me
from memories that used to bring me pain

May 28, 1992 ©1992-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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