She Believes Me

13 Feb

thoughts of you are now a fading rain
and I’ve survived the worst of your curses
I’ve been here before you know I have
I am the silly prince of tragic verses
and your devotion was always shaking
at the sight of my darkness

bleeding through the light in my eyes
I can’t say enough of my new freedom
I tell my secrets now to someone fresher

It is the wind, she is my new companion

And my devotion has been unleashed by the heat of her

breathing, from the deepest fire in the earth, her belly burns

I tell the wind I will walk her skies

and she believes me
she believes in everywhere I know I’ll go
she believes me
remember when I said I’d move the land
if I had to, my faith it is unending,
but you had no god and you had no faith
and couldn’t hear the wind, the word that she was sending
now her devotion is always ripping
at my back and I am

leaping over mountains in my mind I ‘m
dancing under stars I’ve seen in visions
I leave you to your sad misunderstanding
of your pre-life other world decisions
and your devotion is an admirable trait but it is…
fleeting and fleeing when the heavens power is in question
I tell the wind I know this strength

I hope you’re well someday I hope you
find someone to quench the place of all your worry
I cannot tell how it lifts the soul to know
the wind supports me in my hurry
and our devotion it never led to the promised land but…
each of us has the chance now to take the reigns and run
the wind she hears the cry I make for man

April 24, 1992 ©1992-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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