All About

24 Nov

Reality has overflowed, he felt the weight of living
It brought him down too low, with too much hurt
Clock tolls and its time to go, so, bled of all his giving
On the road to find his new home in the dirt

Some would say a one-man show. Some would rude fool
Others that he simply loved to live
He’d smile and say he didn’t know, cocked cigarette and cool
But it was his soul, no one else’s soul to give

He gave his gift ‘til timely death, with prideful pain intense
Though, it really seems he hid it from us all
Needing just to be the best and yes, somehow it all makes sense
It truly was his rise that caused his fall

The day the bow was drawn, it released him cross the sun
Catapulted by the need to see it all
And the upon descending, when he knew his life was ending
Thought, “is that what it’s all about after all?”

October 18, 1986

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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