I Will Stand, Alone

24 Nov

I will stand, alone,
a mountain in a vast expanse of hills
The sunlight when the breath of winter chills
The living far beyond what suffering kills

I will stand, alone
And some will look to me to lead the way
And you could ever take this fire away
As legend, I am built to never sway

I will stand, alone
Dreaming of the times I stood by you
Dreaming of when you stood by me too
Dreaming that the ending isn’t true

I will stand, alone
Wishing for the day when you return
Wishing for the heat of love, its burn
Wishing away the pain I’ve had to learn

I will stand, alone
For I don’t feel the emptiness at all
And from my mountain I will never fall
And you would never hear me if I’d call

I will stand, alone
Because I’m stronger than I was before
And life will always offer something more
Possibly ‘til I find heaven’s shore

I will stand, alone

October 20, 1986

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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