24 Nov

Eighteen years was just a year ago today, From my mother I received the third degree
Can you tell me son just how you think you’re getting up to where you want to be?
Mother I will be a superstar someday, The songs, the stage, the screen, it’s all for me
But I’m not quite sure just how I plan on getting up to where I want to be

Two faces two minds, two people will find,
More answers one day and change a lot along the way,
Live life, find love, be there a god above, I have to know, I have to see
I have to find my destiny

Listen mum I’ve found a new direction here, To reach my goal not only for myself
Affecting lives by giving what I can, To those who get it no where else
I have an obligation to my inner growth, To find the things in me
That someday everyone will see, With any luck I’ll find the things I need the most

Nice thoughts, big dreams, long road, but still it seems
I’m finding my love, if someone could just give a little shove
Change lives, my own, and do it all alone, I have to live, I have to learn
I hope your attitude will turn

Mother do you understand what I do, To just be who I am is what to do
The blood that courses through my veins is also yours, so it is true
I know I can’t help getting where I’m going, The kiss of fate will carry me away
You will be proud to see me walking back this way again someday

No worry, no fear, all I ask is that you hear
My thoughts, my dreams, for what they are, I’ve just come clean
I’ve listened and I’ve learned its true
You probably knew I’d sing this tune
I know it seems sometimes like I’m not listening to you
But I am, oh mother, yes I am

February 21, 1986

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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