Mother’s Wedding

24 Nov

Our lifelong walk to heaven’s gate, is touched by caring hands of fate
Sometimes mysterious, sublime, sometimes made visible in time
Who’s taking care of me I ask, with me it’s not an easy task
Manifest in many ways, each time anew, through all our days

The love surrounding life shines through, the light shines brightly down to you
My mother joins a man today and love has then too come my way
That man touches my life now and I’ll return his love somehow
I do not know just how today but universal law would say

‘round it will go, ‘round it will come, right back to where it started from
if so caught up in seeing how, I might forget to just love now
To thank and give and be alive, with those I love, with whom I thrive
It is so simple, not so tough, just loving back can be enough

My mother has her day today, her love has his a different way
I am just here to send along a blessing in a childlike song
If they’ll receive, I’ve had my day and will continue in this way
As long as I’m upon the earth, for love as much, I thank my birth

March 1986

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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