Of My Understanding

24 Nov

I will walk among you, not before you or behind
Within you and above you, one and all inside my mind
I won’t pity you, more than I would myself
The people wait for you to speak, but go there for yourself

If I could raise the dead or maybe heal the blind with love
Who would I be to you, perhaps a savior from above?
I could fall for you, we all will fall eventually
No need for me to follow you or you to follow me

What if I could die and rise again and still be dead
Need I hang upon a cross a crown of thorns upon my head?
Then would you understand my wishes for mankind
Crucified or not my wishes will be left behind

I leave you now, I’ve left before, I’m here in every breath
I’ll never be to you what I was to me before my death
Think and listen to yourself, your heart won’t lead you wrong
You decide who’s saving you, life is short, forever’s long

June 19, 1986

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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