Segue to Choir Boy

28 Nov

Albion morphed, with showers of tearful sky, powerful, huge waters
and blind years of dinghy to land school.
taught me tired teacher’s fallen passion and politics of child cliques.
spots of earth stretched out and shook like dusty bears, begging question.
longed to look out eyehole cracks of rocks, in which one might sleep.
albion, so long lost, in dreary social infancy, craved intoxicating music,
poet’s strife.
with woeful goodbye, pushed myself, eyes open, into the icy waters.
became what the sea could deftly hold and thrashing me she was,
for every yard i swam to the islands of dreams.
with an empty cup and lyric link to the heavens,
mardi gras of journey had begun…

©2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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