Segue to Reflection

28 Nov

born into thick wet night, under sliver moon, on rickety boat, tossed about
by the great dark waters, when i became Albion and Albion became me.
soon as took small steps was i taught to bear the boat, as mother
beautiful angel of protection, went to rich, muddy land ’til god
hung stars. be brave boy for her. the sea stayed, a second mother.
in still night sang small songs of green islands with sister.
devised easy lies in bemusing time alone, learned the sea,
awash with troubles, off the dank islands of dreams, like a
mute dog chained in the alfalfa. would crenelate my being,
for dubious day faint streetlight’s flicker and cry of liquor
would pull me there, seeking new truth, wondering at
albion’s bursting life, as mother’s dream-telling fought
fears…always loved to speak of me in third person.

as it happens i was left there only then to find,
more of me than ever i’d known and none of it in my mind…

©2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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