Spacing of the Spheres

21 May

I’ve crafted some grand illusions, but I wont venture as to what my actual aptitude at Magician could be if it were my calling & venture less as to what skill I’d have at Sorcery. Anything in my life that’s appeared to be of that ilk is owed to Superior powers than mine. I don’t claim great powers as Mathematician either, but as a Musician I get the ratios that Pythagoras felt: “There is geometry in the humming of the strings… there is magic in the spacing of the spheres”… and that’s what grabs my gut.

Hesitation leaves me, fear melts into feeling unbound, and I know: If my life’s equation can be as a song voicing the light of truth, illuminating a way to atonement… I’m capable of such a composition… I can write that song. I’ve held and not properly handled that power, regrettably, but I can. I’m meant to. It’s why I’m still here.

To spill out my soul factors across skies as an anthem to the honorables who built before me, the architects of my existence and pledge that it amount to a masterful melody, a Reel to the Benefactors of my dreams & Donors of my tools… I pray they sing in shared resonance, pound in time on the tabor, their wind whistle on the fife, and we’ll dance starry heavens…


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