I smile

16 Nov

So yeah, I smile to myself a lot, for in this vessel, in the short space of my time, i feel I’ve packed the life of ten men, laughed like crashing waves, fleshed out my soul through arches of arts, loved to the heights of God’s eyes, breathed the thunder of dragons, cheated death and all his devils on more than a few yellow moons, shed the tears of a 1000 fallen spirits, grabbed and gripped to shreds that pulled me on through to rapturous arms that wrapped me up, pushed me down, stopped me and sat on me until I could stop myself… then turned me back the way I had come, from nothing, to return me back to nothing, and look to see my lighted eyes like i had not seen them before, to see my rooted beginnings as I hadn’t seen them before, the full diamond story etched in me seen as though I hadn’t ever known it at all. So, yeah, I smile to myself a lot, and lift my eyes aloft, as if the passing skies will write to me what my next chapters could possibly be, as my father, mother, creator would see fit to dictate over a pink and grey afternoon… and we’ll take neat, sweet time, because we don’t rush for worry of anything anymore. -BDF

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