My Reclamation – BDF

22 May

“Even with recent surrenders bringing blessings, inspiration, determination, fire, restored confidence, cleaned legal record, my trusty truck, my career experience, and a few dollars more, I feel I’m up against far more highly stacked odds than way back when, but going after it feels to be the only thing to do. If I didn’t go, I’d never know. I don’t know what will happen if I do it, but I know what won’t happen if I don’t. I can’t abide that decision any longer. Throw the runes. Roll the dice.” -BDF, June 2011

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“Into my warmed-up truck, I tug the gear shifter down to R, wave to sister on the porch, click on my portable Goodwill $1.99 wind up radio, and back away from this wet wooded setting. As I pull off from the house, tooling up and down narrow avenues, I take account of the tree lined lanes & mossy houses, toys left soaking in front yards, bits of open sky flashing like slide shows above my head, winding down to the main road, bigger, more purposeful, calling up thoughts again of what I have done, what happened, and what pilgrimage I go to do now.

I adjust the blinker switch to indicate a right turn, check for on-comers and pull onto Sudden Valley Road, into its blind turns, past the golf course and the general store, navigating the back woods road maze that leads to the last chance for fuel before…

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