Boldness (My Highland Heart excerpt -BDF)

29 May

#Boldness, #light, #truth, #fortune, #accountability, #magic, #sorcery

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“Boldness. I love it. Always have. I’ve rivaled, rallied & risen; faltered, fallen, failed and been beaten, much by myself, repeatedly, but I will always get back up. Admittedly, my fervor for the fight itself is sometimes my undoing. True to the legacy of my Highland blood, I have a visceral respect for combat. My intrinsic drive to stay in the game when the chips are down has been called courageous or brave, but I don’t do it for the sake of bravery, but because “fortune favors the bold.”   

When called to make battle in life’s worser dictates, or in myself, or in the face of others’ perceived missteps of mine, or earnestly pitted against “outrageous fortune” while not yet manifesting any perceived satisfactory results, I can know: whatever fight I must undertake, in the longest run it’ll be good. Even feeling truly beaten I still remember that I…

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